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The user is obliged to use the vehicle carefully and in accordance with all applicable traffic regulations.


(a) “Lessor” – the company Carogo Group Rent a Car with headquarters at Jadranska magistrala Street, Bonići 1, Tivat, Montenegro.

(b) “Lessee” – a natural or legal person who rents the vehicle or in whose name the vehicle is rented. In the Vehicle Rental Agreement, the person listed as the “Lessee” is responsible for complying with all points of these General Terms of Rental and the Rental Agreement.

(c) “Agreement” – an individual rental agreement signed at the time of vehicle pickup, which authorizes the use of the vehicle, defines the pickup and return of the vehicle, coverage, equipment and services included in the rental price, and the method of rental payment. The Agreement also contains information on mileage, fuel level, damages, and any deficiencies in the rented vehicle, along with other rights and obligations that both contracting parties fully accept with their signatures.

The condition of the vehicle at the time of issuance and the General Terms of Rental are considered part of the Vehicle Rental Agreement.

(d) “Driver/Additional Driver” – a natural person listed in the Rental Agreement as the “User” who signs the Rental Agreement and takes possession of the vehicle, responsible for complying with all provisions of the Rental Agreement.

(e) “User” – the Lessee, Driver, and Additional Driver are referred to in the General Terms of Rental collectively as the User.

(f) “Vehicle” is the subject of the Rental Agreement, with its details listed in the Agreement.


By signing the Agreement, the User confirms that they are taking possession of the vehicle in proper condition, suitable for the agreed-upon use, with all the accompanying equipment and documentation.

The driver who, on behalf of the User (a legal entity), takes possession of the vehicle and signs the Agreement, confirms that they have the authorization to do so and guarantees and is responsible to the Lessor, jointly with the legal entity, for the observance and fulfillment of all obligations under this Agreement.

By signing the Agreement, the User guarantees to the Lessor that they meet the general minimum age requirements for driving a motor vehicle and possess the necessary documents for driving a motor vehicle, in accordance with Montenegrin regulations, which they are obliged to present in original form to the Lessor, while copies of the documents remain with the Lessor as an annex to the Agreement.

The User remains responsible for traffic violations committed during the term of the Agreement even after the Agreement has ended.


Before taking possession of the rental vehicle, the User is required to perform a pre-authorization on their credit card for an amount determined by the Lessor based on their assessment, depending on the vehicle category, rental duration, coverage, and other factors.

By signing the Rental Agreement, the User authorizes the Lessor to charge all amounts for the daily rental according to the agreed rate, daily supplements (purchased coverages, additional equipment, and services), as well as incurred costs, all according to the current Price List, by debiting the User’s account.

The User’s account means the credit or debit card account on which the pre-authorization was performed or another agreed account.

The Lessor may charge amounts payable by debiting the User’s account during or after the rental period when it determines the User’s obligation, or the User may pay such costs in agreement with the Lessor, at the Lessor’s discretion.

If the User settles costs by direct payment to the Lessor’s account, they are obliged to do so within the specified payment period.

In case of delay, the User is obliged to pay the Lessor statutory default interest and all actually incurred additional costs.


By signing the agreement, the User declares that they are aware of and accept all the obligations listed below:

(a) To return the vehicle at the location and within the timeframe specified in the Agreement, in the condition, with the equipment, and the amount of fuel as when it was received, or earlier if requested by the Lessor;

(b) To request any extension of the rental period, as well as any other changes to the rental, from the Lessor in writing, at least before the rental period expires; otherwise, the Lessor is authorized to report the vehicle as missing;

(c) Not to overload the vehicle, use it for driver training, transportation or towing of other vehicles or trailers, paid passenger transport, racing, endurance testing, speed testing, or for any illegal activities;

(d) To use the vehicle only by the driver or additional driver, for personal needs, and according to the intended use of the vehicle, and not to allow unauthorized users or third parties to use the vehicle;

(e) To use the vehicle properly and handle it with the care of a good owner;

(f) To always lock the vehicle with windows closed when leaving it, and take the keys and vehicle documents, keeping them under personal control at all times;

(g) To drive only on public roads, not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and in compliance with all traffic laws and regulations;

(h) To ensure the vehicle’s regular technical condition, regularly checking the coolant, oil, other fluids, tire pressure, etc.;

(i) When indicated by the vehicle’s warning indicators or if the User believes the vehicle requires servicing, to contact the Lessor for regular maintenance, authorized servicing, and other repairs. In case of vehicle damage due to non-compliance with these General Terms, the User is liable for all resulting damages and any lost revenue due to the vehicle’s unavailability;

(j) Not to transport more passengers or goods than the maximum allowed as specified in the vehicle registration, and not to make any modifications to the vehicle;

(k) Not to drive the vehicle outside Montenegro unless previously notified, for which the Lessor may charge an additional fee as per the Price List. In case of violating cross-border and territorial restrictions, all insurance coverage for the User under point 8 of these Terms will cease to apply;

(l) To bear all operating costs of the vehicle, such as fuel, tolls, bridge tolls, parking, fines, and other similar fees.

The User authorizes the Lessor to charge, without prior notice, all traffic violations, parking fines, and other penalties specified by the laws of the country where the vehicle is driven, incurred during the rental period, regardless of when they are determined or due, including any handling fees.